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The 2016 Land Run 100

The Land Run 100 is becoming an aptly named race more due to the route and conditions than the area’s history. Rain the past two years before race day has turned miles of the course into slogs through Oklahoma’s particularly nasty red clay. Sure you can try to ride it, but just as the Eighty-Niners gambled on getting land in that first Land Run, you are definitely taking a chance on broken derailleurs and general bike carnage if you do try to stay in the saddle. Walking/running is a much safer option for assuring a finish, though it’s also likely to put you farther down the order. Decisions, decisions…

That said, signing up for next year’s event should be a much easier decision. You will suffer, especially if there is rain, but I dare to say you’ll never enjoy suffering more. You’ll dig deep, and you’ll find camaraderie in the clay.

Bobby and Crystal Wintle’s passion for this event and gravel riding in general is contagious. You’ll have a blast before and after the ride. Course highlights from this year included about 6 miles of red clay mud forcing those decisions mentioned earlier, an IPA brewed just for the event and even a keg of it buried on course, a party in Perry at the halfway point, and Bobby’s famous hug at the finish, no matter how long it took to get there.

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