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Ice Lakes Trail Silverton, CO

  • 9.5 mile out and back

  • 2800 feet of elevation gain

  • Good traction but steep

  • Highly trafficked

  • Park in designated areas (vehicles parked in areas with "no parking" signage will be ticketed)

The Ice Lakes Trail is a work versus reward trail. After seeing the lake make even a bluebird Colorado sky look less blue, however, you'll agree the view was worth the work required to get there.

Beginning just outside of Silverton, CO, the trailhead is located on forest road 585. The road is easily traveled by 2wd vehicles if you don't mind washboards and dust.

The trail gains 1400 feet in the first 2.5 miles as you make your way up through the forest. At this point you get your first glimpse of the fields around the Lower Ice Lake Basin as the trail levels out. Unfortunately, you can also see the trail kick up off in the distance.

Starting around mile 3.25, you gain 700 feet in 7/10ths of a mile with a maximum grade of over 30% as you steeply climb to Ice Lake before marveling at its azure waters.

You can choose to end your journey here or continue to the terminus at the old mining structure at Fuller Lake. This option adds a mile and 400 feet of elevation taking you to 12,500 feet.


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