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The White Rim Trail

It's been exactly a year since our White Rim honeymoon. I still think about that place everyday, and there's rarely a week that Kristin and I don't mention that we absolutely need to go back. It is truly one of the most amazing places on earth. At times, it can get a bit crowded with tour companies, four-wheel-drive enthusiasts, hikers, and cyclists; but when you get away from all of that out there (and it's plenty big to assure you will), you'll feel an incredible primordial connection unlike anyplace else I have ever been. Choose a secluded campsite and you can't help but be thankful that the world is still savage in places. But bear in mind that this untamed land is also far away from assistance. In fact, that's part of its appeal. Plan carefully, pack plenty of water, and enjoy a glimpse of what it was like before "the world moved on." Bonus points for those that know that quote's origin. :-)

See the gallery below for some of our favorite images, and definitely add this place to your bucket list.

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